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Confira a Letra Affiliate's Theme

A Disturbing New Trend

Affiliate's Theme

I want war on anyone who wants an encore
Flipped on, I'm Rowdy Piper, you niggas could get stomped
We in motion, DNT coastin
Hooligan soldiers, wall 'em up like posters
It gets wild out, take your whole crowd out
Black Plague the beef, take your dogs and your cows out
Hit em with the real, Shaq niggas and foul out
Mindset to kill 'em, one shot then I dodge out
To the middle of the street, what's the dram bout?
The 411 that these niggas got mad clout
Body anything comin outta your Traphouse
Fuck what you heard nigga, I'm on a cash route
Get in line, let's make this a beautiful day
Sip Kool-Aid and die in a beautiful way

You see me runnin up, you see me runnin up
You see me runnin up, you see me runnin up

Body of a warrior, brain of a killer
Heart of a general, rusty chains for dinner
Fists like cement, grip like a wrench
My dogs rip off flesh, you pinch
I take his head off his mind, don't flinch
Take em on 4 at a time like loose chicks
All white full of white and I'm right for the night
Make a few drops, hop on a flight
To nowhere, nigga I'm gold here
After I get finished, don't go there
You dealin with a pro, yeah
And I'm a muthafuckin sol-dier
Don't tell me you do it, I done it
Niggas take a stand, fuck it I gun it
Your boy talkin wild, he must be blunted
We the new breed of stunners in them old 700's


Fuck clean, I'm grizzly and mean
I'm the baddest bad man that you ever gon see
Microphone Fiend, boombox Raheem
I'm all the above, and everything in between
I'm Kool for the night, call it Moe Dee
But I'm still runnin up if you owe me
Yeah I'm runnin up, for a couple bucks
Give it up, what, you know what, fuck it, fold em up
Disturbing New Trend, we don't play that
Everything you niggas try to censor, I'ma say that
Fuck playback, my niggas bout payback
Leave you shot next to our demo in your Maybach
Cause I ain't havin that, so I'm runnin up
Like shut the fuck up, your time's up, I'm runnin stuff