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Confira a Letra Here And Now

A Dying Race

Here And Now

Can I find a way?
Can I find a place?
To forget my past
And see a new day
Dreams in flames
Burns to see
Thrown away
This can't be me

Here and now
I'll look away
From all the lives that
Just seem to fade
Here and now
I'll take a hold
I'll make this real
Cause this life don't feel
Like it should
Like it could

I've seen the end
It drives my change
My life just lost
Slipped down the drain
Life gives once
So take it all
Rise up and take
Take back what's yours

Here and now
I'll find a way
I'll take back a hold of myself
And set this straight
The fear and doubt have
Kept me locked away in here
This life don't feel
Like it should
Like it could

Can I find a name?
Can I find a place?
One that might last
I need some change
I feel so blank
Yet so filled it
I'd give anything
To live again