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Confira a Letra Time Won't Hear

A Dying Race

Time Won't Hear

I can't stand to wake up
And face another day
This job, this fucking hole
This monotonous plain
And life just carries on
Time scratches away
Doesn't stop for anyone
Doesn't feel your pain

Life won't halt
Life won't wait
One pass by
One take

And I can't run
I can't run away
This life does not
Give us time to waste

This life don't give enough
It feels so empty
Well I'm not giving up
Cause time won't hear me shout

We're locked in we're chained up
Left without a key
So make your escape plan
Let yourself live free
Make no mistake now
You can climb these walls
You can feel awake yeah
You can find it
You can find it all

Life won't halt
Life won't wait
One pass by
One take