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Confira a Letra Save Me

A Dying Race

Save Me

Bad lucks got you down
It's the same old shit
You've got desire to explode fuck all of this
You grow more angry
Cause you know why
Why it is you're here but you still ask the question saying
And somebody save me
Somebody change my life
Can I find some other place
Cause I really can't take this one
Your life's passed by
You calculate in a stare
When you wake up copings twice as hard
Forever it's not there ain't no checker flag
The answer's stared you down all along
Save me

Just when you think you've hit the bottom
The rock starts to crack
How could shit get any worse you slip between the cracks
And now you seem to be facing what seems to be the end
Of any type of life you wanted
You gotta start again