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Confira a Letra Dream of Dissolution

A Dying Race

Dream of Dissolution

Well how much longer?
Are we gonna wait
We've been fighting for so long
Society only stagnates
White men hordes preponderance
Watching millions die
And then they all just
Hide away
Under there shelter
Of lies

This passiveness is killing us
You know what's wrong
Yet you refuse to stand up
This world is crumbling
The time is now
So lets fight this machine
I know
It seems so far away
My dream of dissolution
The only dream I've got today

Maybe this one
Maybe this time
Maybe this one
Don't tell me this isn't wrong

It's you they'll abandon
When the shit goes down
Your around for one purpose
Keeping rich pockets round
And do you think they'll save you
When enemy planes hit the ground
They'll watch you all just burn in flames
And start it all over again