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Confira a Letra Modern Day Tyranny

A Dying Race

Modern Day Tyranny

Load up your guns
Go fight the war
Dominations the ultimate goal
Like this well never unify
Fuck no
Controlling the world is what you want
You can't fucking control me
How many more gotta die
For this cause

So tell me now
I wanna know
Why two sides fire
But still there's just one hero

Your as sick as the enemy
This is modern day tyranny
This is real but you can't see or
You just don't want to believe

Why do they fight you
You know why
Your sick plan and an
Army to hide behind
You'll never be satisfied
Till it's all yours
This quest for dominance will fall
Will we make it?
I don't know
The price for this is lives
Fuck this war

You sit at the table and
Tell it like it is
And they'll stand by you till the end
Or you'll make sure they're next
So as history repeats
We line up and fight
Just look at how you play with life
Will you ever stop the fight?
Fuck this war