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Confira a Letra How Many Times

A Dying Race

How Many Times

I have watched you burn
I have seen you kill
I don't know if we'll stop this now
This tyranny has become a monster and
It'll never stop till this plans fulfilled

This is the way
Of the USA you know
Preserving their way of life's
All they need
How many times
Must we write the same songs?
How many screaming fists must rise?

The same old cycle
How many times?

I think that
Re-election sounds like death wish yeah
How can you be so taken with lies?
Once again they'll walk all over us
Once again they'll wield their guns

You'll see in time
When you staring at the fire
Will we ever rise?
I don't get it!

I think it's over
When does it start to fade
When does it crack
Just matter of time
How many times must we write the same songs?
How many screaming fists must rise?