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Confira a Letra Enemy Unknown

A Dying Race

Enemy Unknown

Look at you who's laughing now?
They got right inside
Fucked you around
You try to achieve
Total control
They took it to heart and
Took control on their own
And now your stance is gone to pieces
It's all about payback and there's no reason
This is your lesson
Take it well
They'll come again and there's no telling when

But you will never understand this now
You will never understand this now

But I know
You'll just do the same thing again
Play their game and you will sure be alone
You can't fight the enemy unknown

Gather your pieces start the game
Cause in this game of war
Losers are the slain
Why do we crave
Holding the knife
Guess it's just human nature
Just part of life
And I don't know
And won't take part
I won't be around when it all falls apart
Cause this time
There might be no way
To remedy all the dumb mistakes we made

You can't fight the enemy unknown

When will you ever learn?
How many people gotta burn?
You say they're evil and insane
Turn around and you just do the same thing
Last chance
Can't we try?
A way to stop it all
And make this right
And you'll cross
You'll cross that line
And I know there may
Never be a next time