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Confira a Letra Slipping Away

A House

Slipping Away

I once had everything my heart desired
I was always looking forward
I once knew everything there was to know
I was the only one who thought so
I once was everything a man should be
Tall, red, rich and handsome

I had morality, Mr. personality
Give my guidance to anyone who'd take it
Love of the year, captain of my class
Crew member of the month
I'd hit the headlines
Heads I'd win; Tails, I'd lose
Guess what? Tails won

It's all slipping away
Slowly and surely
Slipping away

I once loved everything in everyone
I grew up quick when things went wrong
I once dreamt life was a bed of roses
Until I lay down in a bed of thorns
I once thought the world would bow down at my feet
I would just sit back and let things happen

Then I woke up in a blinding flash of light
And out of nowhere I saw this faint figure
Quite clearly pointing its finger
And then I heard a voice say "My son,
This world is for the taking but only if you want it bad enough."
I said "My god, I have tried!"


I had promise, ate with a silver spoon, fed from a silver plate
I had dedication, I had respect, I was God's gift to mankind
I had a head full of dreams, I believed in things
Now, I've got a pocket full of nothing, I keep on losing it


Thank you very much