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Confira a Letra Exodus

How can you feel nothing now?

I watched as you take it all away (as beauty falls from above)
I feel so helpless,
You cannot change what is your fate

Now absorb the pain

Lets get out of this place
It's not safe to stay

(the door is waiting for my call)

I think its time to make my escape

I told you that this would happen,
but you refused to believe...

I watched your wall of hope
Fall down from the Sky

Theres nothing left worth fighting for

Cause we're not coming back
And we're all searching

And we're all searching
For a savior
To keep us from out there
To save us from this war

What are you waiting for?

I won't stop wondering,
I'll never stop asking

If this weight on my back
Is for good or evil

It's all a matter of time.

Just keep it in sight.
It's all a matter of time.