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Confira a Letra Blackout

[Verse 1]
Mama wanna play by the rules... G
Gets out the pin
Boy... yah lookinhealthy
Wanna live large
Take charge that's priority
Who's the man in front of me?
Who's my authority?
Get past that and live another day
But the wrong way
Uhh... Yah family went the other way
Gots to be down and stops clownin
Well I did my dirt
Bet cha did yah dirty?
Skirt to the next episode
Tell me! Tell me!
Waz goin down... Are still my buddy
Or just another bosa
Let me now I gotta go
Hit my next flow
And then I'm out the do
And as a matter a fact
I'm feelinshady
I think I'm goin crazy
Uhh! The room just faded me
Best thinkintah get a grip
Or else I'm gonna pass out
Or better yet I'm gonna blackout

(Male) Don't wanna be wrong
But I rather live my life strong
Cause were gonna be happy
(Female) I know it's gonna take some time to lay around
(Male) I'm losin my mind
No more wastin precious time (We re gonna be happy)
(Female) So I gotta do what I gotta do

[Verse 2]
I'm in jail cause I'm a sinner
I only wanna be a winner
But I'm broke
I'm livinin a blackout stage
And it ain't no joke
But see I'm innocent the judge won't believe me
I gotta get out because my family says they need me
How does it feel when you got no wheels
I can't take care about my family
Now my son wants to dope-deal
Heaven help him
Or rather wheres my bail
Cause roaminwitta crew like that
He ll end up in jail
Like his father... and that won't make him a better person
It's like a plot that only worsens
Now wife claims I'm cheatin on her all the time
All men ain't perfect but I swear that baby ain't mine
Now she's strugglinsurvivinon her own
But she's got my three kids and now daddy's home alone
Now I gots to gets my life back together
No doubt (Echo)
Here comes the blackout


[Verse 3]
Now I'm livin my life that of a bad one
Ain't never had none
So I out to gets mine
Had to struggle in the process
It's gettindeep
And there ain't no time for sleep
To many things runninthrough my mind
Walkin on a thin line and ain't nuthinkind
I feelinlike I'm gonna pass out
Right in that wrong route
Steady headed foe the blackout
I starts to squeeze a little hard again
Down for da stealin
But never down for the killin
Moms working hard
Doinwhat she's able
Stressintryinto put my food on the table
But me, my sista, my brotha we miss our father
Father's locked away... will he stay
Hopefully not... so he hear my holla
To come back in one piece
So while a single, single parent's crap will just sleep