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Confira a Letra Pleasant Dreams

A. M. Drive

Pleasant Dreams

When we were young we would dress like heroes that we loved
In our minds we could visit far off lands

And we'd vow that the day
Never would it come when
We'd need more than
Stones in our hands

Yeah these days go by fast
As we race to the top
Find the quick fix shortcuts and play to win

We no longer breathe and barely exist
And we fear for the new day to begin
Yeah we fear for the new day to begin.

So i close my eyes and bid you my farewell
And i wish you pleasant dreams
And i wish you pleasant dreams
Yeah yeah

So pleasant dreams to you my friend
To the one i know
Life's done well with all of the riches
One could ever dream though cloaked in envy's spell

That more it could never
Be enough and too little is
Much worse than it seems

So i close my eyes and bid
You my farewell and i
Wish you pleasant dreams
And i wish you pleasant
Dreams yeah yeah

Tonight i go to bed in the
Cool summers air for
Tonight i walked outside
And looked at god i saw
His face in the stars and
The moon and inside i feel