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Confira a Letra Send Me Your Angels

A. M. Drive

Send Me Your Angels

Joe was a carpenter
Made a living working wood with the tools in his hand
A blue collar man
He's got a family
Wife two kids and a van

He comes home every night with concerns for his family
Would they always be fine
So he prayed to his god for a blessing
And a peace that he could not find

Send me your angels to watch my children grow
Show me you love me so i will always know that you cared enough for me
To send angels of your own
So send those angels home

So god he spoke down from heaven and said
Joe now look here is the plan
I can honor your request
But my hope lies in trusting
They will reach for my hand

I can offer you my abundant love and forgiveness
But the rest is up to you to
Be a part of my plan my right hand man
So just show them your love