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Confira a Letra 02291992

A Perfect Kiss


I promised the universe, coast to coast and face to face, that I'm the only one that's completing my endless chase And I will wed the world
And I will choke myself until worn thin while your decaying veins are the birthplace of my sin

Hope high
Dream low
We have just tonight for this adventure
You sigh and I'll go
Satisfied and intact
You are a pulse to me
But what do promises mean to me anymore?
Everything they can, up until they shatter on the floor
And I will wed this future, undercover and misplaced
But my love is so pure

It could never cease or be erased
The seasons are still whispering after all these years of curious obsession
They always remind of my dreams where I was walking with you, singing to you
The light that surrounds you blinds me
I can't make out your name, I can't even translate one breath of this breeze into words I can understand
Beyond any shadows of doubt, I need to believe that I'm something of worth
Or at least just more than enough in light of every misconception and every misconstruing thought
I just want to be an angel
I just need to be a savior to someone
I just want to be beautiful to someone who matters