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Confira a Letra Technicolor Dream

A Toys Orchestra

Technicolor Dream

And if one day the sun will forget to rise
The straight and narrow way will curve all at once
And if the words would be light like the leaves
I would move certainly on a cape horn hill
If I'd walk away in the better way
I would write my name in the middle of my face
And if we'd stop to ask if it's better paul or john
And if we should remember even the good george
And if we'd mix all the faces
Change the winners into losers
Teatotallers in boozers
If I'd walk away in the better way
I would write my name in the middle of my face
Feeling,I'm feeling
Whatever I'm feeling I do
If you know I always knew,if you said I say
I'm feeling,I'm feeling
However I'm feeling I do
If you are ready I'm too if you are the sea I am the blue
Me the step and you the foot
...And if we'd fall asleep
We'd awake in a technicolor dream
There are no stars
Just lonely sparks
There are no winners in this game
No rules no way to play
Let's build a paper plane
Fly far away
I have been here before
Maybe in a technicolor dream