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Confira a Letra Nayda (The War Song)

A True Story

Nayda (The War Song)

Fall back,
Deny or die let me go through with this,
Close your eyes for one last kiss,
Say goodbye to anyone you will miss,
Look inside and find the courage that you need to survive,
Your enemies are all around but you cant hide from the truth,
What's left to do, the truth,
What must we go through,
To live in the land of the free,
How many lives must we take,
We keep repeating this mistake over and over and over and over again.
Close your eyes count to ten hold your breath,
Many will die but were all men who cant look back (x 3) ATTACK!!! These family of friends become your enemies,
Gun in hand mind is set you are one of many deaths.
I'll sacrifice everything for you.