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Confira a Letra White Suit

A True Story

White Suit

Advance toward anything worth the control,
This is my big break this is my big mistake,
No matter how hard I try I cant find another way.

Contemplating with a head that held high by you,
Letting go of all I had of all I know,
Pushing forward to reach no end,
I've tried to assume the part,
But just broke down as I lie next to her, lie next to her.

I'm whole now,
But unravel me and watch how I fall to pieces,
Read every layer rewrite every line tell me how it is and how it should be,
I cant believe you took that kissing thing seriously what was I thinking,
I should've laid you down, made you scream, took your trust, broke your heart.

My intent to make it that far will only end up,
Under these miserable circumstances.