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Confira a Letra Another Year

Abandin All Hope

Another Year

Do my dishes
do my laundry
make my bed
waste all my money
never shaven
never showered
hit the bars
and wonder how
i'd make it home

hello, this sucks
i've gotta find some place to go
another year
and i'm jumping off the boat ya
wake up
there's so much better
don't wanna be an oil rig veteran
can't wait to spit
on this shitty state we're in

for the sake of
my escape
i'm overwhelmed by
twice the price
in half the time you turn around

i've jotted down
opportunities i've found
but for the market that i'm in
ya right this is bulls**t

when i'm old
and opportunities unfold
you'll be sure to count me in
one day i'll be wanted
but i'm not wanted