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Confira a Letra Pop Culture

Abandin All Hope

Pop Culture

Hey look
he's an emo
she's a hardcore
he's a prep guy
did the band
in your walkman
did they tell you
to get hair dye
did they?

and it's been like this forever
nothing is changing
i won't let a label keep me away
it can't be like this forever
i'm tired of waiting
and hanging while the
music's still burning
inside our broken hearts

who cares about the clothes i wear
or how i choose to style my hair
an exterior label demise

so judge
she's a crust punk
he's a hesher
she's a ska kid
did the bands
on your record
make you go out
and pierce shit
did they?

can you forfeit
all you thought of me
and how you came to terms
well only time will tell
so now just throw it out
and start back up