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Confira a Letra Hay River

Abandin All Hope

Hay River

Although i've said it once before
i'm addicted to boisterous culture
and since my hometown has been
lacking a sense of respect
for the punk rock scene is dead

and you know nothing can be done
been abandoned by punk rock itself
nobody will show up at all its a waste of our time
will the punk scene be revived

at a punk show in town
maybe 4 or 5 or 6
an empty mosh floor in front
and a band going nuts
people on the side as they
silently discuss
what the hell is wrong
what a drag it is for us

that hay river's punk scene is bunk

and though i've said it once before
i'm in love with a rowdy reaction
but if there's nothing you can do
it's a huge dissapointment
a dissapointment for everyone
for everyone