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Confira a Letra RIAA

I don't really care
the industry sold out
that's all up to them
if it's money it's about
mr. cuban wants
an end to our trading
little does he know
it's his mind their invading
it's a systematic method that they've followed all along
nobody has a clue but it's a system standing strong
to disapprove the piracy
or just let it run on
well i'd just rather drink some beer

people like them
want it all to their selves
if they get their way
they will keep it on their shelves
they want it locked away
and released for a price
sounds all good to me
but i don't need your advice
i'd rather be alone than running side by side with you
i'd rather trade my s**t than keep it locked away like you
but that's the way i am
then again i just don't care
'cause i'd just rather drink some beer

stay away from the RIAA