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Confira a Letra The Novelty Slut Song

Abandin All Hope

The Novelty Slut Song

She's a bitch
she's a slut
does she take it in the butt

caught her eye across the room
looked like a girl
i thought i knew
my friend said she looked dirt
pink shirt and a tight black mini skirt
ain't got no time to flirt
pull off my thong remove my shirt
now brace and hold on tight
'cause i'm gunna f**k you hard tonight

that slut slut slut slut
slut slut slut slut

early the next day
rolled over to get some play
she vanished now she's gone
left me nothing but her dirty thong

she's a tart
she's a tease
spends most time on her knees

she's a whore
real low class
getting fingered up the ass

she rode me hard
she rode me fast
left 3 inch scratches
on my ass

she's been done before
at least 200 times or more

ya she's a bitch
she's a slut
and she takes it in the butt
ya she takes it in the butt