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Confira a Letra Kill The Lord

Abate Macabro

Kill The Lord

All my hate I give to you
No more mercy in my eyes
All my life has just one reason
I'll only rest when you'll die
No folls will stop me
Your lies can't reach my mind
No tolerance for your words
My mercy died with weak ones
No God will think for me

Nobody can order my life
I attack your sacred preachers
Your servants will not be saved
I can't bear your existence's
My life is to destroy you
Play the warsongs in the front
For the war which I believe

My hate
Of you
Run in my blood in this war
My words,
My provocations to you
No fear,
No mercy,
Killing priests and raping nuns

They suffer
And die
In the name of the book of lies
You can't
Help them,
You are nothing beyond nothing

I kill you,
This night,
I'll be satisfied when I finally kill the lord