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Confira a Letra Parallels Of Poignant Entropy

Abated Mass Of Flesh

Parallels Of Poignant Entropy

Blessings in ruin
All I do is count
Only to find myself in shards of disgust
The sorrow cannot cut any deeper

The wounds could not heal any slower
Self inflicted or cursed from above
Questions cannot answer themselves
The meaning in patience

Am I willing to seek
These perceptions
Twisted into a false reality
To be attached is to be

Anxiously torn apart
A part of me is forgotten
As my trust quickly erodes
Into the comfort

Of silence once more
Feeble words fall from my lips
Reflections of my Savior
Covered in the dust

Of my tribulation
How far must I reach
To be in Your arms again
A pain unending, manifested inside

Serenity, this cold darkness
Time wastes away
Burying another part of me
Infectiously buried beneath

In shallow darkness, I hear Your voice
Beyond the dirt, no son forgotten
How I wait for seas to calm, stability
Can I wait for You to come, humility