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Confira a Letra Perpetual Repudiation

Abated Mass Of Flesh

Perpetual Repudiation

Relentless, the fury wages on
Content to bring forth your demise
I will watch you suffer
Beneath the weight of my heel
Before my throne, the weak shall kneel

Timid you are, lost in all the pity
So helpless, Pinned down
You will not escape my force
Where shall you run
Mentally deranged

All shelter lost
Only misery
Falling further down
The truth cannot be seen
Dissecting everything you are

I will expose the beast beneath
Wasted tears, a hollow soul
Your hate will be my triumph
Your loss will be my victory
Stripped from your hands

Can't you see, my presence unending
Inseparable from birth
Your disease, your rage
Forbidden by my grasp
The truth you shall not see

Feeble faith and numbered days
Determined, your death in vain
Contamination of yourself
Embedded deep inside
I am your reflection

The wretched voice within
The opposition of yourself
Falling further down
You will never see
The day our faces meet