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Confira a Letra Decent of a Once Benevolent Empire


Decent of a Once Benevolent Empire

n this tropical utopia of concept decent is upon us
Flames burning the frame horrendous
The colors once vibrant deluded and bleeding through

Through this malevolent mendacious coccoon
Pooring onto the backs of the slaves who
Stay digging their own graves
In the clear waters democracy is purged

Security juxtaposed to liberty is urged
The deviant menopausal rule atavistically
A totalitarian tyrany a progressive atrophy
Pulses forth - further east west south and north

The blind are the vulnerable to the epidemic
This mantra is becoming epic
A revolt however rides upon the wind
Fueled by the enlightened who know the empire has sinned
A recolution to subsidize subjective genocide
to stunt the national self-perptuated suicide
And the wind howls loud and harol
These green tyrants we must discard
A call to the sentient

Sound the war cries, but rest tonight
The war is waged at dawn