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Confira a Letra Thirst For Blood


Thirst For Blood

One day is some day
One man as another man
The same weapon
The same way of use
Walkin'on the street
Watching human being
I choose my victims
I follow 'em till the right place.
A man or a woman
What is the difference
Blood is the only exciting thing.
Insane of mind , obeyng only to
My animal instinct.

I'm serial killer
I'm prowler of man
I need you because
I'm thirsty for blood.

My lethal weapon
Will open your skin
Will shed your body
Will make you die in my arms .
Your death , your blood is
The only thing that
I need to satisfy my thirst
Meaningless move
Meaningless way to be
I'm born deviate with
Something wrong inside me
Insane of mind , obeing only to
My animal instict


Give me your blood,
bleed your pain upon me.
give me your scream,
exhale yor breathe upon me.

Can you feel the noise of my blade?…

You're scared of death
You can't know when is your time
You can't know how
Is lovable the taste of death !

Another time
Another place
Another victim
Wherever the same lake of blood.