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Confira a Letra Forest Of Witchery

Abhorrence Dementia

Forest Of Witchery

Under the freezing moon at dawn we walk the path of the undead.
Under the thumbling leaves of trees we walk the path of the haunted.

Into the mist of the great forest we march.
Into the darkness of the forest we rise.

Magic,Mayhem fury and anger.
Evil controlled forest of disharmonnical creations.
Lifetaking ,doomspreading serpents of the night.

Forest Of Witchery!!
Forest Of Witchery!!
Forest Of Witchery!!

How many lieves did you take by now.
How much blood has spilled in this path of ghosts.

Darkness has his attraction,only i have a sicker mind then all living men.

I am just a men who understands, BLACK METAL IST KRIEG

fuck those wo deny us, fuck all who are pathetic of existance.

fuck me and fuck this world.