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Confira a Letra Dissolve



Something’s wrong to be sane
End of line, burn my brain
Something’s hard to acclaim
End of line, fill your disdain

Run for nothing
To get rid of
These scraps
Dissolve the crime
Round this cycle
Wreck the slime
Work it hard

Something’s wrong to devote
End of line, do your joke
Something hard to demote
End of line, be my cutthroat

Lead the march
Fold the arms
Discard the crime
Don't be alert
War declined
Hide the dirt
Take your time

Life on the tightrope, an empty fate and there's no hope of salvation
A death on the way and a static wait, even so there is no crucifixion
Trying to walk with the crowd: unblamable
Trying to control the crowd, unalterable

Or go back to sleep
Back to sleep

Don't confront the rules of the game: build the future civilization

Something’s hard to the act
End of line: you are correct

Something’s wrong to be sane
Something’s hard to acclaim
Something’s wrong to devote
Something hard to demote

Or go back to sleep
Back to sleep