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Confira a Letra Insult



Look at the shadows of all that you feel
Feel that his mercy could not to be here
Here you can only smile and bleed
Bleed the remains of mud which you keep

Keeping the faith and increasing the stain
Stains and numbers to finish the game
Restarts the game, you're always in chains
Chains that leave you between life and blame

Blame for nothing

Blame for nothing, you're still alive
Alive to float in the meat of existence
No existence and no one to defy
Defy your veins that are used to offense

Offense your God to become a new lord
You are a lord with no home and no tomb
From home to tomb: It's all about your sort
A sort of life that you fought to insult

Blame for nothing

Remorse, regret, you think it's not the time to be ashamed

Blame for nothing, don't try to thrive
Thrive in that route, you know what's the end
The end of the line, a character who died
You are dead, no dust in the frame

No choice!