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Confira a Letra Fallen In Eternal Dislove


Fallen In Eternal Dislove

I'm crying in the darkest corner
envying those who was in love
cause in their hearts sometime was the light
while in my soul I saw The Eternal Night.

Searching in my Depth
I only find Misfortune´s mute lament
and my Lonely Soul who has began
The Last Trip to peace and forgetfulness.

I'm waiting.
I'm empty.
And She´s skinless.

Tonight I dreamt that I loved her and she loved me,
and then i wasn't afraid... But it only was a dream.
Teardrunk I try to moor to hope
but I know that I never met her. Cruel destiny.

I open my withered arms and I surrender to Her.
She's the only one who always desired me.
Only She, skinless, know my agony.
And She comes... And I wait... So empty.