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Confira a Letra Ain't Nothing Serious

Abs Breen

Ain't Nothing Serious

Ain't nothing serious, I just wanna to shoot the breeze
Can I roll with you please, unless you rolling with your man
Got you delirious, it must be the way I'm shining
I tell you no lie, when I say that I'm available

Why don't we get this thing here started
Cause your making me, make me wanna love you baby
(And do all the things that lovers do)
You make me wanna touch you girl
(At all the places that you never knew)
You make me wanna love you baby
(I'll be here so say you be mine)
You make me wanna touch you girl
(Your the one that I've been waiting for all my life)

Yo - all my life

Switch it up, switch it up yo
It goes, check

She was on me, tell me what was I suppose to do?
I wanted to tell her that I love her, but it felt to soon
She looked like a girl from Rio de Janeiro, miss you got me sprung
Don't go there, hold on
I'll be good, so good to you baby
That you wonder if its real, so tell me don't you feel
Oh baby oh