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Confira a Letra Dog In Me

Abs Breen

Dog In Me

Verse 1:
Yo it's hot how you do your thang
Everything about you
Your bootylicious I have to
Creep apon you as I past you
Wanna blast you
But I didn't wanna ask you
You hold out
You telling me you not gonna rock that body
Tick booty with dat full black thang? Damn you!
It's just the dog in me
Got a hold on my cool side
It's elling me

See I didn't wanna act too fast
Wanted to take it slow
But the dog said NO
Boy you better fix up man
I had enough of you going home playing with you hand

And girl I didn't mean to touch your ass
You wouldn't even if I told you believe me (no)
Don't worry bout what your mind
Yo fuck that
Hit the dance floor get a grind

Rock a bye baby
Let your body rock this way
From the front to the back girl
Anyway you want we can play
(All I wanna say)
Rock a bye baby
Let your body rock with me
Tell me how you wanna
I'm gonna put it on ya
It's just the dog in me

Verse 2:
How I got you
Get your body closer
Why? Heat it up like I told ya (oh)
Tell her how you wanna
Zoom in the poom back seat of the Ranger Rover
She's telling me slow down
Take it slowly
Take your time boy
Get it on me
Tell me why I feel like that
It's just the dog in you that gotta chase the cat



Turn me up turn me up turn me up man
Hey there we go come on man
Ah yeah yeah yeah ahuh
That's what I like, you check it
Your looking so tickity-boo (ah)
The funk bandit little guy coming though
You know what I like when I put it on you
I'm the wild child you know you wanna giving it too




Rock a bye baby
(what I wanna say)
Its just the dog in me

Sylvia ~