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Confira a Letra Foxy Lady

Abs Breen

Foxy Lady


its about that time,
I aint running girl you need to groove with mine. Quicker than the other signs,
and its feeling girl so lets just improvise,
aint got no rehursed lines for ya baby From the second I get to know ya,
I wont waste your time, oh..
so can we just
(come get with me,
ill touch you and you can touch me)
Come on, I said I just wanna show you girl whats on my mind,
its something like OoOoOo ..
I wanna rock with you lady...

So tell me whats your name
and where you from
foxy lady
because you're the bomb
I might just have to ask you
To come along
And maybe after
I can take you home

Switch it up yo....
a yo......
Ohh gosh check

We're taking it step by step because we dont wanna move too fast
(we dont wanna move too fast)
I thought it was on when u left Lip stick on my champagne glass
(on my champagne glass)
Everybodys staring how your wearing your body in that dress
(in that dress)
You're looking so tearing comparing girl I must confess...
you got me
I wonder If If I could take you home tonight
(you know you wanna)
Because your freak is compatable with mine
Dont be scared I just wanna kick it with you for a while
and maybe get some numbers I can dial.....


So come on....and move with me babe
Because I like it when we're moving... Yo
So come on.... move with me babe.....Do it for me
Check...Shorty, lets go, a yo
(Fe male singers verse)


Sylvia ~