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Confira a Letra I Will Wait


I Will Wait

The human world a mistake,
Awful and deep where dreams going down.
The human life is full of a pain,
Screams of the soul nobody will hear…
I am alive, but I
Has hidden behind a seal my soul.
I looking for death,
To get rid of tortures of this life.
In the human world there is no place for me.
I have escaped.
In quest of soul my body grew old,
But the death has not come…
Life without soul like
Bones without blood.
I am in a hell, a sunlight an acid
For my eyes.
In darkness of blindness
I was looking for my madness.
On the clean ground
I have founded the grave of my soul.
I still alive, but I
Don't want to live.
I dream to die near the grave
Of my soul. I will wait.