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Confira a Letra Recreation Of The World


Recreation Of The World

Day is coming to the end.
Last seconds like a black sand.
Fiery tongues of the sky
Are licking human lands.
The flame is devouring a shrine.
The wind is drawing dead lines.
I'm standing in the middle of the withered field
And the wind is burning to ashes my flesh.

House fragments, tombstones of the walls.
The black sand strew between my fingers.
The sky put on the funeral mask.
The world is going to pieces.
Earth has washed in the blood
Of the new - born lamb.
The blood is the drug for the earth's skin,
The paint for a portrait of the truth.

...3000-th year. Poison sea.
The name of a new king is Fear.
The burning sun above the desert.
Mutants colony is alive yet.
Blind fish in the black water.
Live or die - what does is matter?
Last convulsions of the world.
In the dying body soul has been sold.

The genius of the human mind self - exalted
By means of recreation of the world,
By means of respiration of the nuclear wind
And total self - destruction.
The infant with synthetic skin
Is burning in the rubbish pit,
Insane carnivorous stars
Drift in a stream of shit...