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Confira a Letra Tornado



Heavy clouds in the north.
Wicked unlive power
Proceedinging from the earth.
Evil's gate and black towers.
Snow tornado is carried forward
Away from the castle of mist
Like mortal steel dart
Feeling a bloody feast.

The cold creeps to your house.
They are inhabitants of dreams, archetypes of fear.
You will not rescue neither a pray nor gold.
Look at the north, they're drawing near.
Snow tornado - it's my brother.
Snow tornado - my blood, my flesh,
Butcher cutting one by other,
The black lash, the fury slash.

Shadows is rushing over the town.
In their eyes reflects the steel.
In the sky are whirling bloodthirsty crows.
My army goes to kill.
It's my revenge for the dead witches,
My revenge for your blaze,
My revenge of a parody to god,
To the one who has set of faces.

The bloody flame of day departs away.
Ravens torment a corpse. Total decay.
Deathly - pale roses in the turned black hand.
Misty light wraps up my land.
The song of the dead child
Flies above deserted fields.
Guardian angel weeps over body.

Too late to remorse.