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Confira a Letra Dreamgame

Absurd Minds


Adam fell into a deep dream.
But no one ever told that he has woken up.
That he has woken up i haven`t heard.
The time is up. i`m growing old.
My cellstructures decompose.
But finally i wake up.

Tears are running down my face. that`s a dream.
Now i understand.
It`s a neverending game in a neverending dreamtime.
Iâ´ve had enough. it makes a fool of me.
My dream - goodbye. homecoming of the self.
Holographic time i wipe it away.
The space around me fades away.
Homecoming of the self.

A shot. a pain in my stomach. shedding my blood.
Life`s going through my mind.
It hurts. no clear thoughts. i won`t survive.
Looking at the bloody knife.
The time is up. i have to die.
Fear, panic, than a cry.
But finally i wake up.