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Confira a Letra Absurd

Absurd Minds


it`s absurd to suppose there is a being,
millionfold bigger than us that brings
to life this world
it came into being from itself.
by itself without reason without help.

at a gathering of those tiny microbs,
living in billions in our blood,
an exeptionally enlightened one gave
a lecture about their lies in her times.
ladies and gentlemen, she said, i hope so
there is no one between us, who holds on
to the out stripped idea of a being,
that reigns our world by it`s will.

it`s absurd ...

a lot of us feel just as simple like
those tiny microbs. far too many.
they can`t imagine that our world
is a part of a big organism,
called universe or body of god.
they can`t imagine that our world
is a part of a big one.

it`s absurd ...