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Confira a Letra Body

It is the central figure in the dreaming of the world.
There is no dream without it.
It doesn`t exist without the dream
in which it acts as if it were a person to be seen and be believed.
Born into the world outside, it lives a little while and dies,
losing the form, cause it`s worn.
Flesh decomposes. It won`t believe there was a time
when it knew nothing of itself.
Born into the world outside, it lives a little while and dies.

The dreaming of the world takes many forms,
because the body seeks in many ways to prove - it is real.
The searching for the truth takes many forms,
because the body feels in many ways this world is not real.
Find yourself. The dream has but on purpose, taught in many ways.
But the son of God remembered not to laugh.
He thinks he is the dream and not the dreamer.

Pain demonstrates it must be real.
It is a loud, sepulchral voice compelling your attention.
Its purpose is the same as pleasure, cause they both are means
to make the body real. It`s a law, that you can feel.