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Confira a Letra Fairy Stories

Absurd Minds

Fairy Stories

detonating bombs. fire. everywhere
extraterrestrial scum. the enemy outthere.
hand me a gun. there is flesh. that is a body and that`s a hole.
hand me a gun to make my hole.
hand me a gun to satisfy my soul.
the enemy outthere.

we need someone to show the evil inside.
aliens in space - so kill them. it`s your right.
we need someone to show the evil inside.
aliens in space - kill them. that`s your right.
the enemy outthere.

it was something on TV.
and I can`t stand it any longer. fairy stories.
maybe it`s wrong what we think and what we do.
we don`t care. we know the others are capable
of doing this too.
smallminded hybris. we miss reality.

take aim and shoot.