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Confira a Letra I Offer It Just Once

Absurd Minds

I Offer It Just Once

There`s the way, yet you sit tight.
You will not know what I`ll describe:
A state of mind, you are in,
called ignorance, the mother of sin.

Your inner demon makes you blind.
Self-satisfaction blocks your mind.
How many times you droped a brick,
but you don`t care a pap for it.

… and no one has done anything to you.

Full of fret, full of hate -
the things you say, the things you do.
A lot of pride circulates.
Your little demon talks to you.

… and no one has done anything to you.

How can I tell you, that I hate you. -
You`re hating yourself.
How can I tell you, that I like you. -
You need no one.
Here is my helping hand.
Don`t turn down, I offer it just once!