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Confira a Letra Infernal Vomitory


Infernal Vomitory

Through the gate of time inside the chasm
The evil majesty - etherized and hushed...
For ages covered by time and dust
From the bottom of hell - devilish call -
Thy power of might roar
Is connecting the wrath
Of Evil One's with fire
Flareback of anger
Highlights burning dogma
Nimblu compresion of evil thoughts
Becomes the constelation of events
Comes the time of holy fear
There's nothing on Earth quite clear
No chance for resurection
Obscure veil whirls under
The firmament and covering
The Earth by poisonoust mist...
From dark side - never ending hate
... and changing the air...
Into the blaze of hord
Well bow to the lord
Flesh, scull and bones
Of God children
Freezed in a motion
Like tombs of death
Ebraced by the ashes
Blessed by the dead
Into the blaze of hord
Well bow to the lord
Cause they still protect...
Over nightfalls blazes the angel
Flaming hellfire destruction
Fire descends, devouring all
Fire, hail and blood, rain upon the earth
Graves of the tortured - burning in pain
Screams throughout the firestorm
Bodies burning, all is dead
Complete destruction - absolute annihilation