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Confira a Letra Unleashed Hell


Unleashed Hell

They lost into hysterical helplessness
They stuck into cursed dream
But awakening by a vengeance
Hidden under eyelids are opened
The gate of consciousness
Sick minds verminated by faith
The ten commandments are all that
They can say
At least its free from the pain
Of existance
Rise on downtrodden pride
Its time to reborn again for darkness
This time and hidden yourself forever!!!
Devilish shadow it's only a place
Where the beasts from hell are raging
And death isn't only the end
Nightmarish prophecies mean nothing here!!!
Lies of priests are the end of reality
Rapture of pain is bleesing for suffering ones
Through the death to darkness eternal!!!
Incant master enchant death
Inhuman shade of glory
The gods of the flesh
Beyond motion vibrating in the soul
The death are calling my name
Speaking through my mind
Starting through my eyes
The dark side of my soul -
- no longer to control
Unleashed hate defeats my fear
In blood and gore I'm immortal
Obsessed by the unholy spawn
Goat of blasphemy
Crush the bloodied horns
Grind them into the dust
And opened gates of kataklysmity
Your fate is worse than death
Eternal suffering and damnation
Shadows in the deep infest once flesh and blood
And tortured are their souls
Storm of thunder disastrous quakes
Total obliteration - includes demolition