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Confira a Letra Disastrous Tremors


Disastrous Tremors

From the dark side of chasm
Mighty lords shall arise
I summon the ancient wrath of daemons
Angel's shriek, storm of fear
Are carring a suffering...
Earth quake - spiritual transmutation
In hypocrisy of faith you're looking
For salvation - final contribution
It's only way
You great temples of light - believers
Are changing into ruins
They're dying in nothingness with regret
At the stake of rotting flashes
By the piles of ruins
Demonical possession
Without a faith
Without a hope
Demonical possession
Throwed into bottomless dark
The powers of following tremblings
Are carring death and blasphemy wrath
Of pagan lords
Trick by the God
You have no chances to live
Cause he's coming...
Emptiness will toll of humans life