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Confira a Letra Exsequia Occulta

Abysmal Grief

Exsequia Occulta

"Midnight has come and we are all here in front of the chosen tomb,
for giving new life to the dead body of this damned aoul.
The magician is receiling the prayers for the deceased, wearing
clothes stolen from the graves and sorrounded by the breeze of Misfortune.
Unile we drink the Goat´s hot blood and four black raths have been impaled
around the magic circle of evocation, as an evil sign of protection.
Hemlock and Mandrake are burning while the coffin is brought to light
and carried into the crypt for the necromantical ritual. It´s beginning to
knell and nobody saw us venturing in this garden of Death..."

Lying inside the grave this night
Another victim is preparing his soul unaware
for the burial rite
Some hooded men are carrying the open coffin
To the resting place where he will await

Exsequita occulta
Exsequita occulta

They are magicians in Necromancy
They are preparing a corpse for the knowledge rites
Unscarred by the hazard of the evil streams
Now will start for them the preparation seance

Exsequita occulta
Exsequita occulta

"Ex Sancta Resurrectione et supplicii impiorum nomine, tivi praecipio
Spirite Defuncti ut respondas quod rogo. Obtempera istae sarrae
cerimoniae si spes habes in Salvatione, et surge in nomine Christi"

Now all is finished inside the crypt
Entombed in the dark, left alone
An unpractised cremation is a bad presage
Now the worms will come into the grave

Exsequita occulta
Exsequita occulta