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Confira a Letra The Samhain Feast

Abysmal Grief

The Samhain Feast

This night the light of the fire will reach the sky
The roven is devoted to Witchcraft and Consecration to the christ Denier
November is the month of those who died
Dirges echoes resound in the sky
The rite is about to begin now
The Goat's among His queens of Samhain

Meeting of Mitches, Samhain
Praying the Devil
Hell in the sky, the spirits arrive!

He'll rise, He'll rise out from the fire
The Goat and His brides at His feet seem so insane
The moon now is obscured by evil
Storm clouds of wrath
This is again the night of black masses
I fill the cup with my blood

Meeting of Witches, Samhain
Praying the Devil
Hell in th sky, the spirits arrive!