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Confira a Letra Rules of Tragedy

Ação Direta

Rules of Tragedy

Hundreds of tanks, blood, pain, despair
Companies following the path of resistence
Autonomy - the own state will come
And now God blesses hate and genocide

All the repressed anger
All the intolerance
Choking a lost world
Chaotic gray sick
Life under possession
Unsustained peace
Blood persecution,
Horror overcoming,
The human understanding

Dripping blood of the holy
The terror zone sells the world
In the name of your lord
Race denied, belief blessed
Bloodbath in the holy land
Glory comes through bomb attacks
In the name of your lord
Crime against the humanity

War, heresy, disgrace,
Fanatics, evil, suffering,
Terrorism, misery
The nature of man is hate and fear
Unblessed glory, a massacre, a tragedy
Dammed war salutes the 3rd millennium
Unconscious preachers,
Believers of the end