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Confira a Letra Read the Bible

Acappella Children

Read the Bible

Too many on earth have been searchin' since bith tryin' to find identity.
They're using their minds but hey can't seen to find why the things were meant to be.
They study the quest and they venture a guess but the things still don't quite fit.
And they'll never know the reason for their souls 'til they turn to the holy writ.

Why don't they read the Bible? It's filled with the wonderful news.
It shows 'em the way of joy and love, the best way for them to choose.
They better search the Scriptures, to find how to walk in the light.
They've gotta be sure that they know the truth and the way that they're livin' is right.

Prefessor or kin, so-called preacher or friend, you put trust in mortal man.
And that's where you fall, swallow hook, line and all, read the Word now while you can.
So listen my friend, please don't drift whit the wind and believe just what you've heard.
Don't believe all your told but watch the message unfold when you read his holy World.


The things that Jesus taught,
entirely without fault, the wonderful news.
It's never out of date, and now it's not too late to know the truth


So read his Word!
You ought to read it
You know you shold read his Word.