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Confira a Letra Rhythm Of War


Rhythm Of War

Autumn wind whispers name
something I`ve never heard.
Go and Fight!!!
Old face in agony
Scars from the ancient war.
Go and Die!!!
Age of swords, age of spears
holy flames comes to me.
Go and Win!!!

Quiet sky is turning red
with our blood and our faith.
The end is near, I can feel it
our bodies will be burned.
My redemption comes to me
I can live but I must die.
I must die!!!

Two heavy feats
walk the blood soiled ground
Rhythm of war!!!
Cut his own way
the horizon burns
Rhythm of war!!!
No mercy in his mighty sword
he spreads the sorrow
Rhythm of war!!!

Ashes and dusts
thats the road
Go and Fight!!!
Let me die without fear
around me is nothing real
Go and Die!!!
Thats my way
No more fear from my memory
I`m free!!!